Who is Mary the Mother of Jesus?


            In all the research and information and questions that come to mind , no one has truly answered this question for me, and that is Who is this Mary the mother of Jesus? I feel in order to really know someone you have to know who they are and knowledge of their family. Many people know the lineage of Joseph, which is Jesus’ father, but no one really talks about the present life of Mary, and her family. As I began reading Matthew my interest stayed within this topic of genetics, and I desired to know how to connect  Jesus to David. Though Joseph through reading is assumed the rights of being Jesus’s adopted father not biological (genetic) father, how is Jesus inherited the blood of David. How this is possible, I do not know? Mary was pregnant before she had ever been intimate or married Joseph. Not having knowledge of Mary the mother of Jesus descent makes it suitable to question the authenticity and factual evidence, so this was a question for me to ask? Possibly, I might come close to answering this question or not. Who is Mary and how is Jesus connected to David?

            One of the best ways to find out who a person may be is to find out where they are born or who are there parents. The best way to find Mary is by her name, so I goggled the etymology of her name, and for those who may not know exactly what etymology is click this link http://www.etymonline.com/ and it will take you to the homepage which best sums up the general understanding of etymology.

The information in which I gathered from http://www.etymonline.com/ I copy and paste [“proper name, Old English Maria, Marie, “mother of Jesus,” from Latin Maria, from Greek Mariam, Maria, from Aramaic Maryam, from Hebrew Miryam, sister of Moses” (Etymonline.com. 2014).]  With this I decided to research the Hebrew name given which is Miryam. This name as explained on the babynamesworld.com website as derived from the Latin “Marie but generally comes from the Hebrew name Miryam. As I search the web for the name “Miryam,” I stumbled across an interesting assumption from J.Tierny ( http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/07204b.htm), his research lead him to interesting facts involving a High Priest by the Name of Heli which is derived from the Greek name  Heli and Hebrew Eli. Heli, however, as Tierny explains it from  the research of Lord A. Hervey text is that Joseph’s mother was the widow of Heli and married Heli’s closest of kin which is Jacob. Jacob and Heli’s widow through conception had Joseph. Joseph however is considered Heli’s son because of the as Tierny explains the “Levirate Laws.” So this claim lead me to search for more answers, I began to search for resources that would support this claim but some were similar in events but not as supportive, yet interesting. The links below are of the article’s written by Tierny and Anthony Maas.




            I found many viable resources but none that would lead me to a set conclusion in how Jesus was of the seed of David if he was not Joseph’s son who was the son of Jacob. The information from Newadvent.org, actually had logical evidence that presents factual or assuming factual information. Mary is the daughter of Joachim and Anne Arabic:Hannah with further reading and searching many have assumed that Mary’s mother died at child birth and Mary was an orphan which written  in the Quran as Hannah Binti Faquad as she passed away her sister took care of Mary and she was promised to Joseph. Also In the book The History of al-Tabari Vol 4 page 103 it has a list of genealogy of Mary’s connection to David. Also an interesting fact that many know is that  Mary’s aunt whom raised her is the mother of John the Baptist which is written in the The History of al-Tabari Vol. 4: The Ancient Kingdoms,) and the link provided below has a limited view of pages displaying the content of the books. This content illustrates Mary connection with David  and how she is Mary the mother of Jesus,  and also the daughter Joachim and Hannah Binti Faquad, who died at child birth. She is niece to Zachariah and maybe even Joseph allegedly but nonetheless she was adopted into a family as a baby but she is the mother of Jesus and the wife of Joseph whom she was promised.




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